Author’s Note:

Since the time of my studies in Edinburgh I have been interested in the subject of Christian Baptism. Some of the historical research for this study was done in that city using the facilities of the Free Church of Scotland College and also the excellent collection in New College.
As an evangelical Presbyterian, I recognise many of my brothers and sisters in Christ hold different views on both the mode and subjects of baptism. They are still my brothers and sisters, yet we must seek to overcome needless barriers. This study is a peaceable plea for a fresh examination of the question of the mode in the light of a concise but thorough survey of the data of Scripture together with historical analysis.

All theological writing should be with a view to edification. I trust readers will find that there is some illumination of Gospel truth as one studies what might otherwise be thought to be a dry subject! I hope the arrangement of the material will be found to assist progress in resolving differences.
Originally issued in 1991 this book is reissued with minor amendments.
July 2018

'Those who find it hard to find time for reading will be delighted with this compact excellent little book.' - Dr William Berends, Reformed Theological College, Victoria, Australia

'This is a fine work, safeguarding the noble view of baptism as signifying the divine graciousness rather than human responsiveness.' - Dr Stuart Piggin, Robert Menzies College, Sydney

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