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Religious Groups in Australia: Beliefs, History and Statistics will include introductory essays then entries on 300 or more religious groups classified by families.


The Rev John Waterhouse (1789-1842) and his Family (246pp, illustrated, colour; pbk, 2019) This is the first detailed account of the Rev John Waterhouse who served nearly 30 years as a Wesleyan preacher in important English circuits and three years in the South Seas based in Hobart as the General Superintendent of Wesleyan Methodist Missions in Australasia and Polynesia. He made two extensive and hazardous voyages to New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga. Three sons became Wesleyan preachers, three daughters led remarkable lives and several sons were prominent merchants in Hobart, or Adelaide. One of these established the American branch of the family in Honolulu in 1851. Another became Premier of South Australia and later Premier of New Zealand.  ISBN 978-0-9586241-7-6  $30

Presbyterians in Australia – Origins, Conflicts and Progress 1803-2018 (377pp. illustrated; pbk., 2018, repr. 2019). The author’s rather comprehensive work, The Bush Still Burns: The Presbyterian and Reformed Faith 1788-1988, published in 1989, has long been out of print. This new work simplified the structure and concentrates on the Presbyterian Church of Australia and its constituent state-based churches. It includes much new material and the earlier material has been carefully reviewed. It is essentially a theological and constitutional history, and covers the four cases (Strong, Ferguson, Angus and Cameron) where heresy was an issue.

Of the earlier work, F. Maxwell Bradshaw, MA, LLM, Procurator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia 1959-92, wrote: ‘A unique book…a model of fairness…a copy should be in every Presbyterian household.’ Brian D. Bayston, OAM, LLB, BCom, former Law Agent of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria,  writes:All involved in church government, whether Presbyterian, Episcopalian, or Congregational, will be better informed for their task by reading it. All seminaries should put it on their students’ reading lists.’ Moderator General of the PCA 2016-19, Rev. Dr John P. Wilson, says:  ‘A great read and very well set out.’                             ISBN 978-0-9806757-0-2      $25

The Scots’ Church, Melbourne: A History of 175 years 1838-2013 [2014, xxi + 398pp, casebound, illustrated] Australian Scholarly Publishing ISBN 978-1925003-86-4. Launched by Professor Geoffrey Blainey, December 2014. Available from Scots’ Church, 156 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000 at $25 plus postage.

Presbyterian Leaders in Nineteenth Century Australia
[1993, 192pp] 12 essays on 11 leaders by Peter Barnes, Stuart Bonnington, Barry Bridges, Peter Hill, Darrell Paproth and Rowland Ward, who edits the collection as well. This volume has been most positively reviewed in a number of publications, and provides a manageable introduction to 19th century Presbyterian witness.  ISBN 0 949670 24 3   $12

Presbyterian Ministers in Australia 1822-1901: Biographical Register (with Dr Malcolm Prentis)          [2001; 3rd revised edition 2013, 246 A4 pages] Covers careers of 1,117 men who served Presbyterian churches in Australia and whose work in Australia began before 24 July 1901 (when the Presbyterian Church of Australia was formed). Includes introductory essays by the compilers and by Dr Barry J. Bridges.                                                    ISBN 978-0-9806757-2-6  $35

A Short History of the Church in Scotland AD300 to 2015 [2016, 132pp paper, illustrated] ISBN 978-09806757-6-4] $10

The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia 1846-1913 [2014, 192pp paper, illustrated] The history of the oldest Presbyterian denomination in Australia. ISBN 978-09806757-4-0  $10   Out of print but available for free download at

A Witness for Christ: The Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia 1846-1996 [1996, 430pp paperback] About 25% history, with articles on Calvin, Melville and Chalmers, and 75% examples of preaching/teaching; 71 items from 47 writers, edited by Rowland Ward.    ISBN 0 949670 28 6  $10


The Free Presbyterian Church of South Australia: An Account of James Benny and South Australian Presbyterianism [1984, 91 pages softcover] ISBN 0 949670 09 X  Out of print

The Bush Still Burns: The Presbyterian and Reformed Faith in Australia 1788-1988
[1989, 576 pages hardbound]   ISBN 0 949670 05 7 Out of print

Australian Communion Tokens (with Melvin C. Williams who provides the photographs) [1992, 51pp] Special issue of the Journal of The Australian Numismatic Society, Sydney. ISBN 0959079629 Out of print

The Smith of Dunesk Mission: Forerunner of the Australian Inland Mission [2012, 48pp paper, illustrated; 2nd edition 2014] Provides the true explanation of Mrs Henrietta Smith’s interest in South Australia and how her gift was used. Describes the Mission given her name based on Beltana, South Australia 1894-1932 with detail on the Missioners including John Flynn and the author’s grandfather.  ISBN 978-0-9806757-5-7 $10 Out of print but is largely incorporated in Presbyterians in Australia (see above).

Religious Bodies in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide (with Robert Humphreys) 3rd edition, 1995, 432 pages. Beliefs, history & statistics of over 200 bodies. The standard text. ‘A unique reference book.’ – Christian Book Newsletter     Out of print


The Complete Book of Psalms for Singing with Study Notes
[1991, second printing 1994; 368 pages, full music, hardbound.] ‘This is beyond doubt quite the finest English language Psalter I have ever seen. The language is both majestic and modern; the words are Scriptural and simple; the tunes are nearly all very well known. This book merits a very wide circulation in the interests of true ecumenism.’ – Rev Dr F.Nigel Lee, Brisbane                  $15 generous discount for bulk orders

The Psalms in Christian Worship
[1992, pbk 144pp] A concise case for a capella singing of inspired songs in the worship of God’s covenant community, together with the history of the subject and brief notes on each psalm. Out of print

‘The Directory for Public Worship’ pp. 83-175 in Richard A. Muller & Rowland S. Ward, Scripture and Worship (P & R Publishing 2007).

‘The Lord’s Day and the Westminster Confession’ pp.191-216 in Anthony T. Selvaggio (ed), The Faith Once Delivered (P & R Publishing 2007)

‘Psalm Singing and Scripture’ pp. 78-88 in Joel R. Beeke and Anthony T. Selvaggio (eds), Sing a New Song: Recovering Psalm Singing for the Twenty-First Century (Reformation Heritage, 2010)


A Short Introduction to the Westminster Assembly and its Work (123pp., pbk, 2019) ‘An excellent supplement to standard commentaries and other studies on the Confession and Catechisms. I commend it highly’ – Dr Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.   ‘A fine concise introduction to the Westminster Assembly. Clearly written and very accessible, Christians everywhere will benefit from Rev. Ward’s learning, lightly worn’ – Dr Carl R. Trueman.     ISBN 978-0-648539940    Published by Tulip Publishing and available from booksellers in UK, USA and Australia

Learning the Christian Faith: The Shorter Catechism for Today
[1981, 6th printing 2009, 48pp] includes brief commentary, an appendix on church government, and a useful overview of church history in 3,600 words. $3
Translations: Czech 1993; Singhala 1998; Mizo Chin (Myanmar) 2002.

The Westminster Confession and Catechisms in Modern English
[1996, pbk 128pp 4th printing 2007] includes analysis, original Scripture texts, subject index.       ISBN 0 9586241 4 3  $8

The Westminster Confession of Faith: A Study Guide (New Expanded Edition)
[2004, pbk 304pp] includes analysis, exposition, thoughts from other minds, questions for discussion, selected bibliography, indices.                               ISBN 0 9586241 8 6   $16

‘Subscription to the Confession’ pp. 77-138  in J. Ligon Duncan III (ed), The Westminster Confession into the 21st Century Vol 3 (Fearn: Mentor) 2009.

‘Systematic Theology and the Church’ pp. 289-306 in Iain D. Campbell and Malcolm Maclean (eds), The People’s Theologian: Writings in Honour of Donald Macleod (Fearn: Christian Focus) 2011.

Baptism in Scripture and History
[1991, pbk 80pp] A fresh study of the meaning and mode of Christian baptism with special reference to Old Testament background and early church history. ‘A very stimulating and important book.’ Dr Stuart Piggin, Macquarie University, Sydney   ISBN 0 949670 18 9   Out of print but available from this site

Blessed by the Presence of the Spirit: The Authentic Charismatic Church [1997, pbk 96pp] A careful cessationist case with exposition of relevant Scripture.         ISBN 0 64631766 0   $8

Foundations in Genesis: Genesis 1-11 Today
[1998, pbk 208pp] ‘Astute, judicious and illuminating…In a world of extremes here is a voice for balance and good Biblical sense.’ – Byron G. Curtis, Geneva College, Beaver Falls                       ISBN 0 9586241 0 0   $12

God & Adam: Reformed Theology and the Creation Covenant
[2003, pbk 208pp] The first monograph in English providing a detailed survey of the development of the covenant of works. ‘Ward has done a remarkable job in summarizing the issues at stake.’ Mark G. Johnston, Grove Chapel  ISBN 0 9586241 6 X  Out of print but updated edition in several formats with recommendations by leading Reformed scholars available from UK, USA and Australian bookshops. Published by Tulip Publishing Sydney in 2019:

pages 17-48 of the above [“Creation and Covenant and “The Biblical Unfolding of the Covenant”] were translated into French by Paul Wells and published by Editions Kerygma of Aix-en-Provence in 2007 under the title Vous Avec Dit “Alliance”? – Dieu et l’être humain selon la Bible: une relation dans le temps

‘Christian Missions to the Jews 1550-1850’ pp. 102-125 in Paul Morris (ed.), The Gospel and Israel: The Edersheim Lectures (Oregon: Wipf and Stock, 2014) traces changing views on the last things and the development of mission work among the Jews.  ISBN 978-1-62564-154-0