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Baptism in Scripture and History (PDF)

Author’s Note:

Since the time of my studies in Edinburgh I have been interested in the subject of Christian Baptism. Some of the historical research for this study was done in that city using the facilities of the Free Church of Scotland College and also the excellent collection in New College.
As an evangelical Presbyterian, I recognise many of my brothers and sisters in Christ hold different views on both the mode and subjects of baptism. They are still my brothers and sisters, yet we must seek to overcome needless barriers. This study is a peaceable plea for a fresh examination of the question of the mode in the light of a concise but thorough survey of the data of Scripture together with historical analysis.

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A Short Introduction to the Westminster Assembly and its Work (PDF)

PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available through Tulip Publishing, and cannot be purchased through this page. Find further information on purchasing here.


Dr Ward has written a short and simple introduction to the Westminster Confession which will be welcomed by layperson and student alike for its clarity, force, and expert scholarship. It will do much to foster a sound understanding of the basic teaching of the Confession not only in its original historical and theological context, but also in its relevance for today. It is a really useful little book for those who want to grow in their understanding of the Reformed faith in general, and the theology of the Westminster Confession in particular.
Martin Williams,
Head of Theology, Reformed Theological College, Melbourne

Given the status of the Westminster Confession in Presbyterian circles, it is important that we have some idea of its origins and context. There are a number of scholarly works that provide such but these are often highly technical and expensive. Thus, it is great that Rowland Ward has provided the church with this fine, concise introduction to the Westminster Assembly. Clearly written and very accessible, Christians everywhere will benefit from Rev. Ward’s learning, lightly worn.
Carl R. Trueman,
Paul Woolley Chair of Church History and professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia

This volume, reflecting the author’s careful study over many years of the Westminster Assembly, provides an excellent supplement to standard commentaries and other studies on the Confession and Catechisms. I commend it highly.
Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.,
Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Emeritus
Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, USA

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Understanding Islam (PDF)

An overview of the history of Islam and its major divisions. FREE PDF

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God and Adam

God & Adam by Rowland S Ward

PLEASE NOTE: This book is only available through Tulip Publishing, and cannot be purchased through this page. Find further information on purchasing here.

Presbyterian and Reformed churches have always been interested in the covenant idea, first the covenant of grace in Christ, but also a covenant with Adam before sin, commonly called the covenant of works. But what the covenant of works really meant in the 17th century, when it became standard orthodoxy, is often very poorly understood today. That ignorance has contributed to modifications which are not always for the better.

I think that the structure of covenant theology as it developed in the 17th century was essentially on the right lines. More careful exegesis may refine that presentation, but should not lead to it being abandoned. The covenant of works/covenant of grace distinction is not an artificial one unwarranted by Scripture, but a proper distinction which clarifies and safeguards the heart of the Gospel in the saving union of the believer with Christ through faith. The impact of confusion or wrong thinking concerning God and Adam, will impact down the line in the understanding of salvation in Christ, the Last Adam.

First published in 2003 this book has been carefully revised 2019 chiefly to give more attention to Baptist Reformed views and the question of the Mosaic covenant. It includes recommendations from Ligon Duncan, Gary Millar, Carl R. Trueman, J.V.Fesko, John McClean,David Van Drunen, Jared Hood, W. Duncan Rankin, Peter Barnes, Richard Barcellos, Murray Smith and Martin Foord. It is published by Tulip Publishing of Sydney and can be ordered from UK, USA and Australian bookshops.

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